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Pocong Pasti Berlalu (2014)

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The story begins with some students who live in Pak Bolot’s boarding house, they are Remon, Dede, Dion, Radit and two beautiful girls Tata and Dila. In addition to lectures to supplement the necessities of life in Jakarta Remon works as a corpse makeup, while Dion and Tata work part-time as film extras. After shooting the film Dion and Tata came home, in the middle of the trip right in a bend Dion and Tata saw a motorcyclist lying on the side of the road like a hit-and-run victim and they certainly wanted to help but when they heard the voices of residents who came Dion and Tata decided to leave but before leaving without Tata’s knowledge, Dion took the necklace box lying near the victim. The next day Remon invited Dion and Radit to accompany him to make up the corpse that had just died. How shocked Dion was when he learned that the corpse that Remon had composed was the corpse he had found last night with Tata.

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Durasi: 78 Min
Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia