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Video Maut (2016)

1 voting, rata-rata 1,0 dari 10

Doni’s plan to bring his girlfriend, Maya, to a secluded villa is to make video the two of them in bed, and to sell it to Alvin for distribution on the Internet. Maya, a plain girl, does not aware of this. Involuntarily she brings her friend, and this makes Doni upset. But, he could not do anything because Maya does not want to come along without her friend. Doni finally creates problems with Maya’s friends, until they leave the villa. So Doni and Maya are alone there. Doni who already set up a hidden camera, executes his plan. He persuades Maya to go to bed with him, Maya tries to refuse, but Doni ties her and says that he just wants to enjoy the time with Maya. Maya can not fight Doni. When Doni wants to kiss Maya suddenly a shadow flashes near them.

Genre: Horror
Durasi: 72 Min
Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia